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Item Number: 695579
The Chord Wheel $14.99
Master chord theory ... in minutes! <i>The Chord Wheel</i> is a revolutionary device that puts the most essential and practical applications of chord theory into your hands. This tool will help you: <b>Improvise and Solo</b> &ndash; Talk about chops! Comprehend key structure like never before; <b>Transpose Keys</b> &ndash; Instantly transpose any progression into each and every key; <b>Compose Your Own Music</b> &ndash; Watch your songwriting blossom! No music reading is necessary.<br><br>&ldquo;This is the kind of device that players of any instrument can use to enhance their musical understanding. Chord and key relationships are inseparable and learning these relationships is a must in becoming a successful musician.&rdquo;<br><br>&ndash; Alan Remington Orange Coast College Music Dept.
Series: Instructional ISBN: 634021427
Pages: 12   Width: 9"   Length: 12"


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